DADE 2017

DADE 2017 Special Session on Deployment Areas of Dynamic Environments at the 2017 IEEE International Conference on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications (INISTA 2017) Gdynia, Poland, July 3-5, 2017

Objectives and topics:

In real world a great majority of processes are time-dependant by nature. Therefore, methodologies of processing data and
information in dynamic environments are widely studied. In particular, application areas like for instance in business,
medicine, or smart cities are expanding rapidly such that the trend creates the challenge for research community to build new
infrastructure aimed at meeting the innovative requirements.
One of the fundamental goals in computational intelligence is to achieve the ability to effective computer-assisted learning
from noisy, uncertain and incomplete data in order to adapt to constantly changing environments. Examples of such dynamic
environments, which require some well-defined and verified methods and tools, include Internet of Things networks and realtime
systems. Substantial changes, concept drift and some newly emerging trends in dynamic environments can have an
impact on the increasing number of imprecise predictive methods, the rate of false alarms and consequently it may influence
the systems performance and/or security.
The special session aims at presenting novel approaches to learning and adaptation to dynamic environments both from
theoretical and practical application-oriented perspective.
This Special Session is intended to provide a forum for researchers in this area to exchange new ideas. So that we
encourage the research community to submit their work in progress, concept papers, position papers, case studies, reports,
review papers to present innovative ideas that can provoke a discussion and provide a feedback to the session participants,
initiate collaborations and stimulate some creative thinking about promising research trends.


All contributions should be original and not published elsewhere or intended to be published during the review period.
Authors are invited to submit their papers electronically in pdf format, through EasyChair. All the special sessions are
centralized as tracks in the same conference management system as the regular papers. Therefore, to submit a paper
please activate the following link and select the track: DADE 2017: Special Session on Deployment Areas of Dynamic

Paper format: Papers must be prepared using IEEE templates for conference proceedings.
Page limit: The maximum page limit is 6 inclusive of figures and tables. INISTA will offer the option to buy limited number of
extra pages for submission.